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Chimney Repairs

For all aspects of chimney repair covered, contact Kildare Roofing Contractors


Chimney repair work by Kildare Roofing Contractors is a versatile service, where we cover all kinds of chimney repairs.


This includes external brickwork repairs and other kinds of internal and external damage.

For a versatile chimney repair service, contact Kildare Roofing Contractors

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Cowl

We repair chimney cowls effectively, as they are a key element for proper chimney function.


Chimney cowls help prevent downdraft, block out external debris and objects and help increase chimney draft.

Chimney Repairs

For professional chimney cowl repair work, contact Kildare Roofing Contractors

Chimney Flue

The chimney flue is the internal passageway that transports waste gas from your chimney to the outdoors.


We make sure the lining of the chimney flue is to a high standard and perform repair work if needed.


For chimney flue repairs, contact Kildare Roofing Contractors

Lead Valley

Our lead valley repair work focuses on reinforcing the seal between your chimney and your roof. An improperly installed or broken lead valley can lead to leaks, such as extra water or condensation.


For professional lead valley repair work, contact Kildare Roofing Contractors

Chimney Repairs FAQ

Where can I find chimney repairs near me?

Chimney repairs by Kildare Roofing Contractors are offered to customers in Kildare and surrounding counties.

What kinds of chimney repairwork do you do?

We repair external brickwork, chimney cowls, chimney flues, lead valleys and more.

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